Get to Know...Superfly Soap

Get to Know...Superfly Soap

Get to Know...Superfly Soap
This week we're chatting to Lisa from Superfly soap. I met Lisa through the Glasgow Etsy team, at the time she was still focusing on her macrame business (Knottyknottymacrame if you're curious!) but it wasn't long until Superfly soap was born and it was definite love at first sight, (or should that be sniff?!) I look forward to seeing what new interesting scents 2020 will bring!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?
I'm Lisa and I run Superfly Soap from my studio in the small village of Kincardine, Fife. Superfly Soap is an ethical skincare company that produces sustainable, affordable and vegan friendly products.  I started the business because I love handmade soaps and was passionate about reducing single use plastic, I was also after an escape route from my full-time job in IT and I was over the moon that that became a reality after only a few months of launching.
You've just moved into a new studio, what's your favourite thing about your new space?
I'm in love with my new space! I can work quicker and smarter compared to working at home because there's so much more space and everything doesn't need cleared away at the end of the day.  I also actually have a work/life balance now because the two are quite separate and my house doesn't look like a soap factory! So it's a huge win with the studio.
What's your top tip for reducing waste and going plastic-free?
Start small and identify an area where you think you could make an improvement, for me it was in the bathroom swapping shower gel for solid soap but for others it might be in the kitchen, swapping out plastic sponges for plant based ones. After each change think what you could do next, it's not about making massive changes all at once and it's not about doing it perfectly because that's just not achievable. It quickly becomes a lifestyle and second nature to refuse plastic and look for alternatives.
Where do you get inspiration for new scents?
I'm a big foodie and all my products are based around food scents so it can be from a smoothie or a sweet, whatever catches my nose.
What's your favourite product to make?
It varies, as I get fed up making the same thing too often but in terms of my favourite part of the process I'd say it would be wrapping and putting those labels on at the end, it really elevates the products and I get a proud feeling of 'I did that' 

Where do you see Superfly Soap in 5 years time?
This is a tough one and I always struggle with an appropriate answer because I feel I should say bigger and better but a work/life balance and having a job that I enjoy are more important. It's tempting to take on too much and work longer hours but then I'd lose the passion, my business ethos is less is more and I think that's also me in real life! 

You can find more of Lisa's fabulous products at

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