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New Dad Keepsake Letters

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This gift will help a new dad or a dad to be to capture his hopes and expectations about fatherhood in a set of treasured letters to his baby.

There are five origami folded keepsake letters inside the box, and each letter features a question that will help him write to his baby.

Open the letters and answer the questions: What are you most looking forward to teaching me? What kind of daddy to you think you will be? You could also include scan photos or photos of places and things you plan to do together.

Why not keep this memory box safe, and then enjoy reading the letters together with your child in the years to come.

Each letter is folded from a single sheet of paper which is slightly smaller than A5.

There is also an instruction sheet to help you fold back up the letters after you have written them, although it is very easy!

If the box is difficult to open, please gently slide a ruler (or something similar) under the lid (from the side) and slowly ease the lid open.

Made from:

Inside the cardboard box, the five letters are made from thick white paper and they are tied with silvery-grey organza ribbon.


The box measures 10.2 x 7.8 x 2.8cm and each letter is approximately 10.1 x 7.4cm when folded up. When opened, each letter is just slightly smaller than A5.


Handmade by Emma at Paperbuzz

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