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Notice + Spark

Rainbow & Storm Cloud Necklace


A hand-knitted t-shirt yarn cloud necklace, designed to help you remember to stay positive - we all love spotting a rainbow 'after the storm'.

This necklace is knitted from upcycled t-shirt yarn, which is made using off-cuts from t-shirt factories in Portugal and Turkey.

As the necklace is made from scraps of fabric, each ball of yarn can be a slightly different shade. Therefore, once the yarn that this necklace is made from is finished, it may not be possible to find the exact combination of shades again. Think of it as limited edition!

To wear, simply tie with a bow to your desired length.

The necklace is presented in a cotton drawstring bag, to ensure that it is kept dust free.


Made from t-shirt yarn. Depending on the exact fabric scraps used, there are sometimes small imperfections such as snagging, rough edges or pin holes. However, this will not detract from the overall loveliness of your necklace, and in fact, I believe that this only adds to its uniqueness.

Cotton drawstring bag.


Each cloud is approx. 8cm in height and 12cm in width. The tassels are approx. 6-7cm long.  The ties vary in length but are usually between 45cm - 50cm long.

Care Instructions:

Keep the necklace inside the drawstring bag when not being worn. If required, you can give it a gentle hand wash.