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Relaxation Rituals Kit

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Ritualise your relaxation and find your inner calm.

This Relaxation Rituals kit includes a scented soy wax candle, incense cones, Boading balls, and a bath bomb for you to create your own soothing set-up. Instant bliss.

Although yoga can offer several benefits associated with the body and mind, the right mindset must be adopted to achieve these benefits. Fortunately, there are several ways to unwind, and the Calm Club Relaxation Rituals is one of the easiest.

Everything needed to kick back and relax is included with the kit, including Baoding balls, a scented bath bomb, 12 sandalwood scented incense cones and patchouli scented soy wax candles that offer a clean burn.

There is even a meditation card included to ensure that the appropriate mindset is achieved in every instance.

Materials: Soy wax candle, bamboo, ceramic, cotton, cardboard, incense


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