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Superfly Soap

Dog Paw & Nose Balm

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This Paw & Nose balm, made by Superfly, is 100% natural, unscented, uncoloured and handmade in small batches. It’s made with lots of skin lovin’ natural ingredients specifically chosen for your furry friend.

Superfly developed this balm to help their two dogs with cracked and sore paws following extreme winter and summer conditions. Paw balm can help soothe and repair sore, damaged and cracked pads due to the healing and moisturising properties of the butters and oils chosen for this balm. Calendula petals are known for their healing ability and they have infused these petals in oil and used this in this balm along with other ingredients such as hemp oil and mango butter. They have used a plant based wax so it's vegan friendly too.

The balm can also help with other areas of dry and damaged skin and is unscented so it is safe to use on your dogs nose.

You will receive 40g of balm which comes in a reusable or recyclable tin.


Handmade by Lisa and Paul at Superfly

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