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Zoe is Rubbish With Plants Sale

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The shop plants are not enjoying my house so we're having a flash sale!

PLEASE NOTE: These plants are sold as seen and may well still die. No refunds or returns will be given due to plant death. 

Due to the fragility of the pots they available for contactless collection only. 

Mug included for reference only and is not included. 

Photo descriptions so you know which is which!

Ceri White Pot A - Black, white and turquoise ovals, sad succulent plant

Ceri White Pot B - Orange and black circles, very happy succulent plant

Ceri White Pot C - Blue and white, saddish succulent

Zoe Scott Pot Only - Peach and concrete, no plant

Zoe Scott Pot A - Dark green and concrete, plump cactus, relatively happy

Zoe Scott Pot B - Peach and concrete, relatively happy donkey's tail succulent

Zoe Scott Showstopper A - Peach and concrete, happy plants but I'm slightly concerned about the top of the cactus, will be fine will some TLC if rescued from my murderous hands now.

Zoe Scott Showstopper B - Petrol Blue and concrete. Happy plants.