How to use our Wish Bracelets: A Step by Step Guide

Good Luck Bracelet
  1. Choose Your Bracelet: Select a bracelet that you like and feel connected to. The names and annotations will help you understand what each crystal does.

  2. Clear Your Mind: Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can focus on your wish. Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and center your thoughts.

  3. Focus on Your Wish: Think about the wish you want to make. It could be a personal goal, a hope, or something you desire. Visualize your wish coming true and the positive impact it will have on your life.

  4. Write Your Wish: Using a pen or marker, write your wish on a small piece of paper. Be specific and clear about what you're wishing for. Keep it short and meaningful.

  5. Secure the Wish: Fold the piece of paper with your wish written on it and keep the folded paper in the hand of the wrist you're tying the bracelet around. 

  6. Tie the Bracelet: Tie the bracelet around your wrist. As you tie the bracelet, think about your wish and visualize it coming true.

  7. Make a Declaration: While tying the bracelet, you can say your wish out loud or silently in your mind. This declaration reinforces your intent.

  8. Wear the Bracelet: Wear the bracelet on your wrist. Every time you see or feel the bracelet, it will remind you of your wish and your commitment to making it come true.

  9. Positive Energy: Throughout the time you wear the bracelet, maintain a positive attitude and work towards your wish actively. The bracelet serves as a reminder of your goal and the positive energy you're investing in it.

    Remember, the act of making a wish on a bracelet is symbolic and personal. It's a way to focus your intentions and remind yourself of your goals. The success of your wish depends on your dedication, actions, and the positivity you bring into your life.

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