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Making you say Hell Yeah! since 2018.

I'm Zoe, I founded Hell Yeah to showcase the brilliant indie designers I'd met since starting my stationery company in 2012.

Back then, I was working in an indie gift shop, not far from where Glasgow's Hell Yeah is today. I realised there were hardly any cards that showed my personality. So many cards used the same stock phrases, and although they looked fantastic, I couldn’t help but want a little more pizzaz.

hell yeah in 2018
zoe in hell yeah 2018

From there I joined Etsy and Notonthehighstreet. It was what me and my pals would call the golden years of those two sites and I had a blast. As well as growing my stationery biz, I made friends all over the world.

Being a little ADHD gremlin, I'm always looking for my next big project. The idea for a bricks and mortar shop containing all the amazing indie designers I knew was a logical next step. I wanted to make it easy to find products that would make you say Hell Yeah! and bring a smile to your face.

Side note: why are we called Hell Yeah? I asked my stationery biz followers to help name the shop. The overwhelming winner—for the reason above—was f*ck yeah, but I didn't think I'd get away with putting that on a sign.

The shop has grown and evolved over the years (thanks, COVID). Our biggest addition was in 2019 when we created our eco section. I've always believed shopkeepers have a responsibility when it comes to what we put into the world. We would stock more eco-homeware if there was room. One day.

For similar reasons, we went fully vegan in 2023. As a vegan myself, I wanted to create a safe space, taking the guesswork out of shopping. Nothing on our shelves contains animal produce. You can find out more about our shift to being vegan, here

We now have shops in both Glasgow and Perth with big plans for the future. It's great to have you along on the journey.


zoe in hell yeah 2023
claire and dippy

Hello! I’m Claire and I run Hell Yeah Perth. When I finally hung up my pinny and left Caffe Nero after twenty years I had no idea what was next for me…but what I did know is I couldn’t sit on my bum and not talk to people all day!

So with the help and proactive prodding of Zoe, we decided if it can be done in Glasgow it can most definitely be done in Perth!

Three weeks and a lot of shelf making later we opened the doors to Hell Yeah Perth on the 5th of December, 2022.

It’s been a tremendous start and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people of Perth!