Make Your Own Loo Roll Confetti Launcher

Make Your Own Loo Roll Confetti Launcher

Make Your Own Loo Roll Confetti Launcher

Thank you to Emma from Paper Buzz for sharing this great how-to with us! 

1. What you need:
- toilet roll tube
- balloon
- sheet of printer paper
- thick, good quality wrapping paper

2. What you do:
- Tie a knot in the balloon.
- cut off the top section of the balloon, as shown in the photo.

3. Put the balloon over the end of the toilet roll tube, as shown. Secure the balloon using sellotape. Make sure the tape goes all the way round the tube.

5. Cover the tube with wrapping paper. Thick paper works best as you don't see any lumps and bumps through it. You could use double-sided tape or glue to do this.

6. Cut the sheet of printer paper into strips. Cut the strips into large rectangular bits of confetti. Confetti made from this type of paper and in this shape and size works particularly well with the confetti launcher, but you could experiment with other types of confetti too.

8. Put the confetti into the launcher.

9. Hold the launcher with one hand (I was taking the photo here so I didn't have a spare hand!) and pull the balloon with the other. Let the balloon go and the confetti will shoot into the air.
- Keep doing this until all the confetti has been launched.
- Fill the launcher up again and have another go!

Thanks again, Emma! You can discover more of Emma's wonderful paper-based products at

Don't forget to tag us in any photos of your creations, we love to see what you make!

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