the ultimate vegan christmas dinner

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means indulging in traditional Christmas dishes. But for those following a vegan diet, finding suitable options for the festive feast can be a challenge. However, with the rise in popularity of plant-based diets, there are now plenty of delicious and creative vegan Christmas recipes to choose from. In this article, we'll share the ultimate vegan Christmas dinner menu, complete with appetizers, main course, sides, and desserts, to help you plan a delicious and cruelty-free holiday meal.

Let's get snacky

Honestly Tasty Cheese Board

by Honestly Tasty (

Vegan Cheese Board

Some serve it at the end, some serve it at the start. I like to serve it in the afternoon, just a little something something to keep tummies from rumbling. There are now many dairy-free cheese options available, or you can make your own using cashews, almonds, or tofu.

Personally, I like to buy my cheese. Christmas is busy enough without the pressure of whipping up a camenbert from a packet of cashews.

Before going vegan, cheese was my thing. It stopped me from taking the leap to being full plant-based for years. Like many true loves, it's still a toughie to replace but thankfully, Honestly Tasty's range is filling my cheese-shaped void. Having tried nearly every vegan cheese known to humankind and hating approximately 97.6% of them, I can confidently say: Honestly Tasty is exactly that. Genuinely Scrumptious for those who like a thesaurus moment. Buy via their website or in M&S.

Honourable mention to Catherdral City's moreish cheddar.

Serve with crackers, fresh fruit, and nuts for a festive and flavorful appetizer.

Lentil Pate

Ilona from Econic Shop got me hooked on lentil pate. Not only is it delicious, it's also packed with protein. This is her favourite recipe but she also recommends adding turmeric for added health benefits, a bay leaf, and a tablespoon of nutritional yeast for added oomph. Ilona used to make me it when she worked in the shop and let me tell you, sometimes it was a miracle if it made it home. It's so tasty you'll wolf it in one go. Just don't forget to leave room for your main course!

Main Course

Zoe's roast dinner with This Roast

by Zoe featuring This Roast Chicken (

Turkey Alternative

Every year there's another turkey on the table—well, a vegan one at least—and I've made it my mission to try them all. So far, the the winner by a mile is This. They're (no) turkey crown is so moist and tasty I certainly won't be eating it just once a year.

Sgaia's roast deserves a mention but the price makes it more of a treat. Although, in my opinion, it's worth every penny.

Asda are also rumoured to be bringing out their own vegan version of turkey but not until the 14th of December. I'll let you know if I manage to try it.

Fillet Steak

For a less traditional main course, I thoroughly recommend Juicy Marble's steaks. When it comes to steak, these guys can't be beat. At around £11 for two steaks they are a treat, but if you can't go cray cray at Christmas, when can you? Once eaten, these steaks are never forgotten.


Roast Brussel Sprouts

Photo by Jodi Pender on Unsplash

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

No Christmas dinner is complete without roasted vegetables, and Brussel sprouts are a must. Simply toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast until crispy. For an extra kick, I like to add some This Bacon Lardons.

Mashed Potatoes

For a classic side dish, try creamy mashed potatoes as an alternative to roasted. Use vegan butter and milk to achieve the same rich and fluffy texture as traditional mashed potatoes. You can also add some roasted garlic or herbs for extra flavor.


Vegan Egg Nog

by The Minimalist Baker (

Vegan Eggnog

No Christmas celebration is complete without eggnog, and this vegan version is just as delicious as the original. Made with coconut milk, cashew milk, and spices, it's a creamy and festive drink that everyone can enjoy.

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

No Christmas dinner is complete without some festive cookies, and these vegan shortbread cookies are sure to be a hit. If you're looking for vegan christmas cookie recipes, check out The Little Blog of Vegan.

Not only are these super cute but Jade's creations taste amazing too.

Setting Your Table

Make it a meal to remember with a dazzling table display, submersing your guests in pure festive spirit.

Candle Stick Holders

Add a little zing of colour with our bright and beautiful candle stick holders. For an added pop of personality, pair them with a constrasting dinner candle.

Bright Trees Napkins

Get creative with your napkins

Boring white napkins? I should think not. We offer a wide selection of napkins sure to jazz up any table setting. Some are almost too nice to wipe your gravy-stained paws on.

Entertain between courses

Keep the conversation flowing between courses with our mini crackers, perfect for popping on side plates for that individual touch. Or why not opt for one of our party games? Gauranteed to raise a smile and make your life easy while in the kitchen, no need to play host when your guests are debating who the first Christmas tree was gifted to.

Have these tips helped?

Hopefully they have and now you can plan the ultimate vegan Christmas dinner that will impress your guests and satisfy your taste buds. Whether you're looking for a traditional main course or something a little different, there are plenty of options to choose from. So this holiday season, enjoy a delicious and cruelty-free feast with your loved ones. Happy holidays!


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