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Waxyz Wrap

Waxyz Wrap - Twin Pack - Two Medium


Twin pack of medium Waxyz Wraps. Both wraps this pack measure 24cm x 28cm.

Two co-ordinated wraps from the range in one pack. Perfect for twice as many sandwiches, double the amount of cheese or even more fruit and vegetables.

PLEASE NOTE: Patterns are picked at random, we cannot guarantee what designs you will receive. 

Made from 100% organic cotton coated with a unique blend of food and vegan-friendly waxes. Use warm hands to mould and seal it to create a breathable alternative to cling film for food storage. Simply clean it after each use with a mild washing-up detergent and lukewarm water, allow to dry naturally and reuse your Waxyz wrap over and over again.

Handmade by Waxyz Wrap : BPlasticFree 

The new and unique reusable alternative to cling film. Wrap. Store. Wash. Reuse.