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This week we're chatting to the wonderful Marion Barclay from Marion Made Jewellery. I first met Marion in the Hidden Lane where we were neighbours in Mercat House. We've been friends ever since! Let's get to know her a little better...

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?  
I'm a Glasgow born jeweller who designs and creates contemporary silver jewellery in Scotland. Inspired by shapes, pattern and texture my design philosophy is to create feminine and fashion-forward jewellery which is minimal and geometric in style. My aim is to make stylish, affordable jewellery which is designed to last. 


You've just moved to sunny Fife. What's your favourite part of your new surroundings? Has it been easy to set up your home studio in the midst of all this madness? 
We moved to Burntisland which is lovely! We have the beach a five-minute walk away, the Binn hill behind the house and a garden which we are so grateful for having moved from a 1 bedroom tenement flat! 

No, not at all easy 🤣 I am currently squished into a 50cm area between our washing machine and wall. We've been full steam ahead with the DIY to get the utility room made into my new workshop. This was always the original plan but we couldn't hire a van in time before lockdown to move my benches from the Hidden Lane. I did manage to fill my car with everything important I need to keep the business moving in an online capacity so I am grateful for that and everyone's orders    


We love seeing your commissions online (Can't beat a custom wedding ring!) do you prefer making commissions or are you happier making designs from an existing collection?
Having my Hidden Lane studio was great for meeting customers and working on bespoke commissions. I love how creative people are with their ideas and being able to make something special for them to treasure is a wonderful feeling  

Now that I have relocated I will be concentrating on making existing collections and adding in small batches of limited edition pieces throughout the year 👀 watch this space 👀 I had booked a lot of events for the year with most of them being cancelled 😥 but hopefully come October time we can start to enjoy the local craft events again. 

You're well known for your extensive collection and having something to suit everyone—do you have any tips for finding what precious metal best suits one's skin tone? 
Everyone has a comfort zone and if that means owning 8 pairs of silver hoops then go for it! But I'd definitely try and mix up the metals, especially in Summer I find that yellow gold becomes more popular and looks lovely paired alongside silver. If you have a more tanned or darker complexion then you're lucky to suit all 3 traditional metal colours, silver, yellow and rose gold. Almost everyone suits silver so it's a safe bet if it's for a gift and the easiest to care for. If you have any metal coloured items lying around the house, hold them up to your face or neck to get an idea of how they look. Things like teaspoons, copper paper clips and gold picture hooks can all help with colour decisions! 

What's your favourite product to make?
Hoop earrings, all different shapes and sizes!

Where do you see Marion Made in 5 years time? 
Ideally still designing and making jewellery, I feel lucky to be able to do what I do thanks to my wonderful supportive customers! 

You can shop Marion Made's collection online and in-store.


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