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Tabitha Eve

Body Buff None Sponge


A gentle, exfoliating, all natural body buff sponge.

There are two variations on the basic design:

A) a flat sponge that expands and softens when it is soaked in water (filled with a plant based core)

B) an already expanded sponge, filled with a mix of organic cotton and bamboo, the recycled scraps from our organic make up rounds!

Kind to skin and environmentally friendly, they are the perfect replacement for other exfoliating products that might be made of plastic.

The outer of each sponge is made from linen and cotton.

Each sponge is approx. 14-15cm x 10.5cm.

Care Instructions:

Can be laundered with normal load on cool and hung to dry.

Designed and created by Tabitha Eve

Eco-friendly alternatives to single-use household items, or everyday products that might otherwise be made of plastic.